Xpavers is the easiest way to buy pavers.


Why Xpavers?

Outdoor hardscape is the #1
most botched area of renovation.

  • Pavers are very popular but there aren't many stylistic choices

  • The impression of one-size fits all is "all I can afford"

  • All-inclusive pricing is hard to determine until you're ALL-in

  • Improper preparation & installation

  • Beauty is overlooked-in favor of "off the shelf", weekend solutions

XPAVERS was created to save you money while delivering fast, beautiful results



  • Provide hundred of choices accross a variety of categories

  • Easy to shop & easy to find what you're looking for at a great price

  • Pricing includes material, standard demo, tax and installation

  • Speedy, professional installation=saving

  • Design and Planning services available


About us

Xpavers, a subsidiary of Richard Lusk Landscape and Design, Inc.
(California Contractors Licence number C27 950714)

Xpavers is a leading website offering comprehensive tools and resources for
home paving projects in Southern California.

We set out to make sourcing surfaces fun easy.

We provide homeowners with the largest selection of Pavers, fastest installation services and low everyday prices.

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