• What are pavers?

    Pavers are stone, brick, clay, porcelain or concrete blocks that are used to create smooth, hard surfaces outdoors. Pavers can be used to create patios, courtyards, pool decks, outdoor steps, pathways, driveways, retaining walls and more.

    More and more homeowners are growing tired of looking at their cracked, blotchy and stained, driveway and patio. They are now turning to gorgeous, durable and easy to maintain Pavers. Having so many different choices, colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns and design possibilities can greatly enhance the beauty of any home.

    Why pavers?
    Why choose pavers over concrete?
    Why should i choose Xpavers?
    Is it easier to repair poured concrete or pavers?
    What are the different paver types that I can use?
    Where can I use pavers?
    How much does it cost for an Xpavers consultation?
    How do I get started on a paver project?
    When do my pavers need re-sanding?
    Why are my pavers turning white?
    How do I ensure that my paved surfaces won’t move or shift over time?
    How long do I have to wait to use my driveway or patio after you finish it?
    What should I do if I chip or break a paver?
    What is the Base Material made of?
    What is Geotextile fabric and do I need it?
    Can I Use Pavers around the Pool?
    Should I Seal My Pavers?
    Can I get uniform colors with natural stone pavers?
    Can you drive heavy vehicles over driveway paving stones?
    Are there gaps between the stones or will it be level enough to walk on with high heels?
    How do pavers “interlock” between one another?
    Do pavers need to be mortared into place?
    What is polymeric jointing sand?
    What should I clean my pavers with?
    Does the color go all the way through concrete pavers?
    Are Paving Stones Slippery?
    What are Permeable Pavers?
    Why are some stone pavers more expensive than others?
    Why are bigger paver sizes more expensive?
    Do I get lower prices if I buy a larger quantity of pavers?
    Is there a way to prevent weeds from growing between the joints of the pavers?
    How do I maintain my new pavers?
    Who is behind Xpavers?