Take it easy. XPAVERS style.


All pricing takes into account the usual necessities
needed to achieve the project goals; from demolition to the cost
of materials, installation to the end result, we have you covered
so there are no surprises.

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So you love the price of pavers just not pavers?
We get that.
So we offer not just pavers of all types but also beautiful alternatives for your budget like Quartztie, Travertine, Basalt, Cobble, Brick Pool Coping & Synthetic Turf.
Save money on your site improvements... in style.


Beautiful results, and enduring quality needn't come as
the result of a drawn out process that spends your money
and wastes your time. XPAVERS delivers high quality
results in about half the time of the average installer.
We can do this by way of in-house coordination and a
fluidity of process gained from over 30 years of building
successful outdoor environments of just about every
level of complexity. We do it right the first time. Fast.


It's simple, we'll meet or beat
the other guys' prices on an apples to apples basis.

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Beautiful Plans and Visuals help you make the best of your investment. Fall in love with your new environment with the help of a gorgeous design and visuals that point the way forward.

Custom Packages

Estate Design & HOA PLANS

Conceptual design development services
available for homes within Master-Planned
Communities, Unique Sites & Estates.

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Get Started Today Send us your pics from Houzz, Pinterest,
or any design inspiration. We'll help
bring it to life and make it yours!

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Small Area is defined as up to 600 Sq. Ft.

Medium Area is defined as up to 2,500 Sq. Ft.

Front & Backyard is defined as Total Lot Size up to 12,000 Sq. Ft.

2D Plan Concept is plan-view only, no elevations.

3D Photorealistic consists of still renderings on a PDF or
color sheet up to 30''x42''.

Color printing is $50.00 per sheet.

3DPhotorealistic Flythrough Animation is bid only.

Additional detail & design time is charged per scope of work.

To begin design work XPAVERS Requires 50%
deposit & 50%+any printing costs,due upon completion.

Revisions are charged hourly

XPAVERS collaborates with a third party
to provide Conceptual design and rendering services.
Availability for these services may be limited
depending upon current workload.

Contact us for details:1-800-210-7714